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Evaluate the Modern Way online with Testeller.com

Do you need to hire people in a digital way? Need digital platform for evaluating your students? While there is always the option of manual evaluation and rely on old methods of evaluation, there is a better option: Testeller.com.

Why Choose Testeller.com?

There is no question that you have an array of options when it comes to online testing/evaluation websites in India. However, there are a few specific reasons to choose Testeller.com:

  • Paper less testing

    Examiners can create content, test papers & declare results, all 100% digitally.

  • Secure Storage Of students test & Personal Records

    Storing students records, test papers, exam results, is now hassle free & easily accessible.

  • Automate communication with Examinees

    You can send test paper information & reminders via SMS & EMail to students/examinees for better engagements

  • Manage Your centre From Anywhere

    Idesk online is a examination center on the go. Access important information & students records anytime, anywhere.

  • Quick Printable Test Papers & Mark sheets

    You can easily print your test papers, mark sheets, invoices & students lists with the one-click print functionality.

  • Offline Data Access & Auto Sync Data To Cloud

    Make changes to records even on offline mode. Clouds storage of test records. Auto Sync of data to cloud.

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